Terms of Use

**If more than 10ft. of board is needed to repair the substrate there will be a surcharge of $15.00 per linear foot.
**If more than 32 sq. ft. of board is needed to repair the substrate there will be a surcharge of $50.00 per 4x8 sheet.

GEL reserves the right to move and change start dates in order to best suit our business schedule and meet all of our clients' needs.


GEL's 10 year workmanship warranties are offered only to clients that own the residence of the signed job site.

GEL is not responsible for damages to landscapes or driveways due to ladders, scaffolding, debris and/or trucks, trailers, forklifts or any other heavy machinery.

All prices, although perhaps quoted individually, are pre-discounted as a package. If not part of a package job may be subject to surcharges. These quoted prices are good for 60 days from the date issued.

If structural repair or cutting out of pot light(s) in soffit is needed, additional charges will apply. Soffit installed against rough stone/surface(s) is subject to extra charges to make a tight finish.


GEL will install an extension at the bottom of the down pipe no longer than 2ft long. This will be included in the price; only if necessary; there will be no price reductions if no extension is needed.  Extension longer than 2ft will be charged $5/linear foot.

Quote does not include work involving DE-icing or heat cables - if cables are present it is the homeowners responsibility to have them removed and/or re-installed.

Quotes do not include counter or wall flashings, chimney caps, gable ornaments, corbels, caulking or sealant on any masonry or stucco, HVAC vents or plumbing flashings or any carpentry worker unless specifically indicated.

Roof quote preparation standards are for one(1) layer of shingles to be removed - unless stated otherwise in the main body of the quote - additional surcharges will apply to if there is more than one(1) layer.

Guaranty: Full manufacturers warranty on materials. 10 years GEL transferable warranty on installations; within normal weather conditions. Warranty Certificate issued and in effect only after all invoices are paid in full.

Insurance: All GEL employees are covered by WSIB. GEL has valid liability insurance policy.

Cancellations: Once the job is signed and accepted by the client and put into our schedule, any cancellations may be required to pay up to 25% of the quoted work.

Payment Terms: We require a material deposit of 30% of the quote on the day of set up and/or when materials arrive, possibly a midpoint draw, and finally, full balance on the day of completion. Special payment terms must be agreed upon before the job is scheduled; all overdue invoices are subject to 4% interest surcharge, monthly. All invoices past 90 days due will automatically go to collections.

If materials chosen are special orders (cannot be returned), a deposit will be needed before materials are ordered; GEL has the right to determine the amount of deposit requested.

We reserve the right to submit a final invoice and receive payment even if part of the job remains incomplete due to other trades negligence in completing their work on time.

GEL Accepts cash, check, debit, Visa and MasterCard - please be advised that a 2% service fee is applied to invoices paid by credit card.


GEL standard colours for roof flashings (drip edge, valleys etc) is black or commercial brown only.

Work requested outside of the quotation agreement is subject to surcharges.

Although there is a variety of colors to choose from with all of our vendors, GEL cannot promise that all colors will be available for every system. Please be advised that color choices may be subject to surcharges.

All materials supplied by GEL remain the property of GEL until all invoices are paid in full.

Mobilization: In the event that GEL is forced to stop production by the builder/homeowner etc. and will have to return to complete the work; there will be a re mobilization & setup fee of $450.00 minimum added to the final invoice. There will also be an hourly loss of productivity charge or $150.00 per hour added to the final invoice.