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Personal Testimony (Frank Goudreault)

I was raised in a French Canadian family in Northern Ontario. There was always lots of celebrating and music going on. My first endeavor was a touring rock band at the age of 15. Then, a restaurant owner at 18. Married with kids by 20 years old. I tried all my life to "make it" but at the age of 33, I found myself burnt out, failing marriage, zero security and 2 half bankrupt businesses.

While at a motivational weekend rally in Cleveland Ohio, I heard a millionaire say " it all means nothing to me because Jesus must be FIRST in my life". Curious, I attended a special church service that very next day and heard the words that finally reached me deep inside. I asked/prayed to Jesus Christ to forgive me of ALL the things I had done in my whole life that HE was not OK with. (Sins).

And HE really did. I asked Jesus to take over the direction of my life ( to drive us where HE wants us to go) I really felt that God had given me a clean slate…a new beginning. I felt at peace and unafraid of the future. I had become a Born Again Christian. I was so fortunate that God led me to other amazing Christians who taught me to ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and got me excited about LIVING the awesome Purposeful Christian life. Life is full of challenges and this world is full of disease and falling apart. None of us are immune to this but, a personal friendship with God >>> knowing Jesus Christ as a savior, a King >>> as a best friend…Gives me all the hope, the power, the strength to LIVE out loud for God every day, at home and at work… at church or on a roof… on earth right now and later, in heaven.
It's Awesome !

I would like to encourage you to talk with God today. Search for "those words" that will reach YOU deep down inside. Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". He is waiting to hear from you right now…

Sincerely, Frank